The black dot and square-shaped

The black dot and square-shaped logo is used globally by winning companies to publically 
announce that their products and graphic designs have met the most strident and 
professional criteria and highest standard for international Design Excellence.

Since 1950, the Museum has awarded approximately 40,000 GOOD DESIGN Awards for 
design and innovation, sustainability, creativity, branding, ecologically responsible design, 
human factors, materials, technology, graphic arts, packaging, and universal design by 
various industrial design and graphic design firms working for the world’s major 
manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies in over 50 countries.

The emphasis of the GOOD DESIGN® program is on quality design of the highest form, 
function, and aesthetics a standard beyond ordinary consumer products and graphics. 
The Chicago Athenaeum’s GOOD DESIGN® program forwards the ideals of a design process 
that embodies product excellence and endurance and strong public identity.

Submissions to the program are judged by a jury of distinguished design professionals 
and leading industry specialists and design press on criteria established in the original 
1950 program for the highest aesthetic in terms of innovative design, new technologies, 
form, materials, construction, concept, function, utility, and energy efficiency, and 
sensitivity to the environment.

Awarded design firms and manufacturers have the right to enter into a limited legal 
licensing agreement to use of the Museum’s GOOD DESIGN® logo to mark and identify 
the selected product or graphic in their marketing, publications, promotions, and 
communication campaigns as a public symbol of product and service quality. 
This public seal of approval immediately informs consumers to understand that the 
selected product and graphic meets the most rigorous test and criteria for absolute design 

GOOD DESIGN® is an international symbol of a company’s firm commitment to innovation 
and superior design embodiment. Materials and products are accessed into the Museum’s 
Permanent Design Collection and frequently exhibited in the United States and abroad.

In this year’s edition, selected products and graphics for GOOD DESIGN® are announced to 
the international press in December. The Awarded products and graphics are accessioned 
into the Museum’s Permanent Design Collection. Selected designers and manufacturers 
are allowed use of the Museum’s GOOD DESIGN logo in publications, promotions, and 
marketing as specified in the joint legal agreement with The Chicago Athenaeum.

The fee is $375.00 USD per entry. Checks are made payable to Metropolitan Arts Press or payment by American Express, Master Card, or VISA.
Foreign checks must include a $50.00 USD additional payment for bank processing fees. 
For bank wire information contact the Museum at: